2021 Koestler Awards

An image of the 2021 Koestler Awards poster encouraging people to enter their artwork.

Deadline: 22 April 2021*

The 2021 Koestler Awards for art in criminal justice settings is now open for entries! 

We’re looking forward to seeing art, music and writing across our 52 award categories, including this year’s Themed Category, Together.

The 2021 UK exhibition will be back in its usual gallery in the autumn at Southbank Centre in London. Artist Camille Walala will make the selection from all the entries to the 2021 Koestler Awards.

* The deadline will be reviewed throughout the spring, in view of Covid 19 safety restrictions and the changing situation in prisons. We will try our best to ensure all establishments can send their work safely, so please get in touch if, as the deadline approaches, you are struggling to send work.

* Download this year’s entry forms and guidance notes below. Click on the poster to download this year’s Awards poster.