2020 Koestler Awards

    The deadline for the 2020 Koestler Awards for arts in criminal justice settings has now passed.

    This year’s Themed Category is window. We invited our entrants to have a go at producing a poem, drawing, painting, song or any other Koestler Artform using the word window, as a theme.

    We know the importance of our work to those who are in the criminal justice system, particularly those who may be more isolated than usual, due to specific challenges our prisons and other secure settings are facing.

    We are delighted to have received over 6,500 entries by the revised deadline of 7 July. Thank you to our panel of socially-distanced judges, who have now selected their 2020 Koestler Award winners and congratulations to all of the artists.

    North West England Exhibition

    Plans are underway for an exhibition of artwork by entrants across the North West of England as part of the Ripples of Hope Festival of Human Rights, at HOME in Manchester in 2021.

    More info coming soon!